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App Savvy by Ken Yarmosh

App Saavy Book Cover

App Savvy is the comprehensive guide for the designer, developer, entrepreneur who is interested in breaking into the market of building iPad and iPhone apps. Ken Yarmosh guides you through the entire process from conceptualizing, developing and marketing your next app. This is not a book which teaches you to code but one that helps to success in the App Store.

App Savvy is extremely well written and it teaches more than just building an app, it helps you to make better apps. Ken Yarmosh clearly details the steps you should take to clearly define your app so that you create an app that your customers really want. The book is great for designers, developers and entrepreneurs who see the App Store as a great opportunity to success. Although Ken Yarmosh has experience in the app store, he included interviews with numerous personalities who are big players in the App Store to share their experience as well. App Savvy is a treasure trove of knowledge for everyone to learn from, even if you are not buildling an app now. You will certainly learn how success if made from such a competitive environment.

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