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Makers Of The Monome Create The Arc

Arc Side Main

I have always considered adding the Griffin Powermate to my setup since its caters well to a performance rig, big and illuminated. However, I was alway held back by the price and the limited functionality of just one knob. I was surprised when I saw a post mentioning that the makers of the monome are working on a knob centric controller called Arc. The Arc features 2 extremely high resolution knobs with push button. Illuminated rings around the knob provide visual feedback. I like the resolution of the rings as compared to current knobs which only has about 12 leds. This provides way more resolution and allows for more feedback. One intriguing feature is the rings in the picture seem to be displaying two parameters. Could it be able to use portions of the ring to show different parameters? That would be a really nice use of the higher resolution. The Arc will also come in a 4 knob variant and orders and shipping are open in February. Pricing and details are said to be coming soon. I hope that this would be in my price range and would hopefully complement my Nocturn.

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