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Scott & Neil’s Designing Web Interfaces Master Class By Theresa Neil and Bill Scott

Designing Web Interfaces Cover

In this O’Reilly video master class, UI experts Bill Scott and Theresa Neil present concepts and patterns for building web interfaces for rich user interaction. Scott and Neil has years of experience at Sabre, Yahoo! and Netflix. Throughout the course of this masterclass, numerous websites are used as examples and analysed to demonstrate trends, good practices, and also poor implementations.

Designing interfaces, in my opinion, requires a good knowledge of user interaction and design concepts which can either be obtained through experience or strong education. Although this masterclass is geared towards rich web applications, there is still much to learn for other interface designers as the controls and concepts overlap.

The videos are well structured and start off with basic concepts and starting points for designing web interfaces. I like the in-depth discussions on core subjects such as screen layout and user interface controls which serves as inspiration for building better interfaces. The video is engaging, with the panel asking questions and providing more insights but the volume of the panel is very soft and will need adjusting. This video series is highly recommended for web designers as it will help greatly in building better user interaction on your websites. It has already provided me with a wealth of knowledge and ideas for current and future projects.

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