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Ableton Live 9 Leaked

A video demonstrating some new features of Ableton Live 9 was accidently leaked on Ableton’s official Youtube channel. No one knows if it was an intentional leak as a publicity stunt or a genuine mistake. The video shed light on some new and redesigned plugins in Ableton Live 9. A few of the wider angle shots also provided a look at the overall interface.

Ableton Live 9 Leaked Overview

The Glue Compressor

The Glue Compressor is a collaboration with Cytomic. It seems like it is just an integration of the Cytomic plugin with the Ableton Live interface. The Glue compressor is based on the SSL Bus Compressor and has received a number of positive reviews. I have not had the chance to try the plugin but it would be a welcome addition of a dedicated bus compressor in Ableton Live 9. I have tried the bus compressor on an SSL and it is definitely something that I would like to have in a DAW. The Glue Compressor also includes a Dry/Wet control allowing parallel compression to be used easily, something not found on the SSL.

Ableton Live 9 Leaked EQ Eight

The New EQ Eight

The filters in the new EQ Eight have been completely rebuilt, offering better sounding filters and a 48dB/octave High/Low Pass Filter for more extreme filtering. The new filters also features an adaptive Q mode which smooths out the way the EQ works, mimicking the way some classic EQs work. EQ Eight also boasts a built-in spectrum analyzer not unlike the EQ plugin in Logic. The spectrum analyzer can be expanded into a larger display similar to the Spectrum Analyzer plugin. There is an “Audition” mode for the filters allowing you to preview the effects of the individual filters. The increased scale range proves useful for quickly inversing the filter peaks into notches, much like inverting the filter.

Ableton Live 9 Leaked Compressor New Display

The New Compressor and Gate

The Compressor has also been overhauled with a new gain reduction display which seems really useful for those who require a visual display of how the compressor is affecting the audio. Personally, I feel this is counter-intuitive to learning to hear how a compressor is affecting the audio. An overly visual interface distracts the user from the more important process of listening to the audio. Nevertheless, it is a great feature for those who are learning how to use a compressor.

The Gate also features the same new display as the Compressor but this time I think it is much more useful for users. Sometimes it is hard to judge the threshold of the signal and being able to see the waveform and set the controls with a visual cue does get things done quickly in a live environment. Sometimes you do not have the luxury of a good listening environment.

You might say I am contradicting myself with this new display on the Compressor and the Gate but here’s my take. The Gate is more of a utility for me while the Compressor is a sound sculpting tool. So its more critical to hear the effects of the compressor as I dial in the controls as compared to the Gate. This is just my personal use of the Compressor and Gate plugins in Live so your opinion might defer.


These are just a few interesting points from the video. The video was reuploaded by other Youtube users so check out the video to find out more. I am certainly looking forward to more videos on Live 9 and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Live 9 when it is released.

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