Hector Lee

Free Limiter Plugin - Goodhertz Faraday Limiter

Goodhertz Faraday Limiter UI - Free Limiter Plugin

The Goodhertz Faraday Limiter is a free limiter plugin which, as compared to other limiter plugins, was not designed to be sonically transparent. The Faraday Limiter is a 64-bit audio unit plugin allows you to add a little color to your track if required.

Named after the inventor of the electrical transformer, Faraday Limiter’s analog-modelled input/output transformers are responsible for its beefy, harmonically-rich sound. The limiter circuit is smooth yet lively — it can pump faster and further than any limiter we’ve ever heard while retaining its characteristic punch and warmth. Faraday Limiter sounds great on buses, individual instruments, vocals, dialog, etc. and allows for a level of timbral shaping and tonal coloration that can’t be achieved with any other dynamics processor.

The video below demonstrates the Faraday Limiter and you can get a free download here.