Hector Lee

Soundhack Plugins Ported To Pd & Max/MSP

soundhack plugins ported to pure data maxmsp

The great people at Soundhack has been spending some time porting the SoundHack plugins to Pd and Max/MSP format. This is the third beta bundle that they are releasing so the bundle is not complete. Beta 3 features +decimate, +chebyshev, +matrix, +compand, +delay, +pitchdelay and +bubbler. They hope to get the Max/MSP for Windows version ready shortly and they will be adding +binaural, +morphfilter, +spectralcompand and+spectralgate to this bundle. For Pd and Max/MSP users, this is great chance to make use of these wonderful plug-ins in your work, I have been using them for awhile and they are part of my sound tools. Download the Pd and Max/MSP files and see how they work.

Note: Pd (Pure Data) is a free platform while Max/MSP is not. Although you can download the Max/MSP runtime to open Max files but not edit them.